Pinterest . . . It’s Not Just for Recipes Anymore.


While you can find a pin for a recipe for almost everything, Pinterest is gaining momentum. Now considered the fourth biggest social media site, its unique platform has become a goldmine for advertisers like you.

Scenario #1

You are thinking of redoing your backyard and you open up the Pinterest app to get some ideas. You are leaning towards artificial plants for durability and wear, so that is where you begin your search. You create a board for “backyard ideas” and start pinning. Pretty soon you have 25 pins…all good ideas, but the palm tree pins seem to be the ones you keep going back to. You realize that a major plant warehouse is the originator of almost all of your palm tree pins. Over the next few days, you go back to your board to make a final decision on the idea you like the most, and through repetition and collection of pins, you make the purchase right there from the actual pin.

Scenario #2

You are considering going back to the gym. You know it’s a good idea for health benefits, but you also think it might be a good place to meet friends. You wonder what people are currently wearing to the gym; what are the trends? You open Pinterest to see what those current trends are. You pin yoga pants, work out tops, best shoes and mats, and you stumble upon a pin of the most beautiful workout outfit you’ve ever seen. You can picture yourself in it. The model is an inspiration of where you ultimately see yourself fitness-wise. You pin it. You look at it each day for inspiration. You now equate that outfit to your ultimate goal. You want to buy it. You click on the pin and it takes you right to the place you can purchase it. You make the purchase.

From these two examples, you can clearly see where your company can benefit from Pinterest.

Did you know that Pinterest reaches 250,000,000[1] people every month? And, in 2018, 40%[2] of new signups were men. No longer are the pins just recipes and hair/makeup ideas and women focused. They are products, like shoes, clothes, and watches. They are home improvement ideas, sports, DIY projects, backpacking, survivalist, travel destinations, art, vehicles (cars, campers, boats, etc.), music, landscaping, health conditions, nearly everything that is allowed on Pinterest is on Pinterest. While there are some limitations on Pinterest, they are like those on the other PPC sites, such as weapons and drugs, for example.

We think the best statistic of them all for our clients is that there are 2 million people daily (yes, I said daily) who save shopping pins on their boards.

With half of Pinterest users earning $50,000[3] per year or more, Pinterest has now become a premier place to advertise. Statistics indicate that approximately 50% have made a purchase after seeing a promoted pin, which translates into an incredible opportunity for you.

Marketing on Pinterest requires a slightly different approach than search, or other common platforms, so partnering with an experienced digital marketing firm will make all of the difference.

Large, high quality images, limited text, and use of information boards are some of the ways in which the most successful businesses are capitalizing on Pinterest’s ready to buy audience. With Pinterest, you can create content specifically for different stages in the buying cycle.

Besides sales potential, brand awareness is another valuable result of utilizing Pinterest. Being informed on Pinterest’s SEO process is vital to success, which is another critical reason to utilize a digital marketing firm who is knowledgeable in all aspects of Pinterest.

At Simply Online Marketing we know Pinterest and are ready to help you gain the competitive advantage over your competition. It’s not as popular as the traditional PPC searches like Google, but it’s fast approaching. Now is the right time to get started with Pinterest. Call one of our experienced account representatives today at 1-888-847-2226.